In these unprecedented times, every single one of us is needing to change not only the way we work, but the way we live.

The damage that Covid-19 is doing to the world we live in has caused governments to take drastic measures to protect us, with every aspect of our lives needing to change to ensure we get back to normality as quickly as possible. We find ourselves glued to social media, news agencies and television to know the current status of the disease, get guidance on what we all need to do next, all underpinned with hope for positive news.

Like we have done for over 17 years, Intec Micros is doing everything it can to maintain a high level of service delivered with an attitude of “business as usual”. With that in mind, I am sure you will understand that our highest priorities are that of the welfare of our employees. It is our duty of care to them and their families, ensuring we do our part to limit the opportunity for the spread of this disease as much as possible.

We have taken what we feel are necessary steps to alleviate any impact that could potentially be caused to the services we provide. All members of our sales, purchasing, finance, IT support and administration teams are working from home and able to work as if they were in our head office. We have stopped all non-essential travel and business is being transacted over the phone, email and via virtual meetings.

Our incredible warehouse team have been working around the clock to ensure all of your important orders are dispatched. We have now taken the extra measure of splitting our warehouse team and adopting alternating shift patterns to ensure we limit any risk to them and do everything we can to maintain a good level of logistical capability. This will mean we cannot always guarantee next business day delivery but am sure you empathise with the situation.

We have and will continue to adapt our way of working so that the effects of the virus are as minimal as possible. Our contingency plans and technology have been put in place and we will continue to work closely with our suppliers and service partners, to ensure that we all remain operational.

We will do everything we can to be as close to business as usual as possible, but we thank you for your continued understanding in these difficult times. We hope that the virus does not have a negative impact on your organisation, yourselves or your friends and family.


Our dedicated team are here to provide the very best pre and post sales experience possible. If you have any requirements that you would like to discuss further please call us, email us or use our contact form and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.