Riello UPS

Riello UPS’s award-winning range of uninterruptible power supply systems incorporates solutions for every application, from domestic use and home offices through to factories, utilities and data centres. Choose from our selection of single phase or three phase UPS from 400 VA to 6.4 MVA. Whether it’s online, line interactive, or VFD, all Riello UPS power supplies are designed using the latest technologies and techniques to deliver reliable power protection in the most energy efficient way possible.


600-800 VA

Available in 600 or 800 VA versions, the iPlug is an ideal solution for small home office setups or entertainment devices such as TVs and games consoles.


400 - 1600 VA

Maximum reliability in the protection of PCs. The iDialog is an easy-to-install, value for money UPS for PCs, laptops & home entertainment devices.

Net Power

600-2000 VA

Net Power is a line interactive UPS system protecting computers and home entertainment equipment against both power failures and mains fluctuations.


800-2000 VA

The Vision range are line interactive UPS power supplies protecting peripherals, small servers, and network backup systems from power failures.

Vision Rack

800-1100 VA

Rackmount-style 800VA or 1100VA line interactive UPS protecting against power failures plus an automatic voltage stabiliser.

Vision Dual

1100-3000 VA

This versatile line interactive UPS power supply can easily be configured as either a floor-standing tower or rack mounted for use in 19-inch cabinets.

Sentinel Pro

700 - 3000 VA

This single-phase plug and play UPS employs dual conversion online technology to deliver a filtered, stabilised, and consistent output voltage.

Sentinel Rack

1.5 - 3 kVA

Compactness and total protection for rack systems. rack-mounted version of the popular Sentinel Pro range of online uninterruptible power supplies.

Sentinel Dual (Low Power)

1000-3000 VA

The Sentinel Dual (Low Power) is designed to protect blade servers and storage, VoIP telephone systems, IT network, and industrial machinery.

Sentinel Dual (High Power)

3,3-10 kVA

The Sentinel Dual (High Power) uninterruptible power supply is ideal for environments with mission-critical applications or electro-medical devices.

Sentinel Dual SDU

4 - 10 kVA

The Sentinel Dual SDU is a flexible and efficient choice to deliver reliable power to mission-critical IT and server applications or sophisticated electro-medical devices.

Sentinel Tower

5 - 10 kVA

Sentinel Tower is the solution for protecting critical systems such as safety devices, telecommunications equipment and IT systems.


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