These warranties extend and enhance the standard manufacturer guarantee and ensure help is always on hand from one of our professionally trained and accredited service engineers.

An Intec Micros Collect & Return warranty covers against electrical/component failure. In the event your equipment device failing, Intec Microsystems will send a courier to collect it from you. It will then be repaired by a fully qualified service engineer and returned to you within 5 working days… Now that’s Intec Microsystems service!

An Intec Microsystems Onsite Warranty covers you against electrical/component failure. In the event your IT device fails, a fully qualified engineer will be dispatched to your location on the next business day* to repair your device onsite… hassle free!

If for any reason the our technicians are unable to repair your device under the extended warranty agreement (i.e. parts aren’t available or the cost to repair is greater than the value of the device when new) you will receive a brand new replacement to the equivalent specification.

Intec Microsystems offer extended warranties for all Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops, and Desktops from Apple to Zoostorm. However, for some manufacturers including Apple, HP**, Lenovo***, Samsung**** & Toshiba, Intec Microsystems can cover you from day 1, as per the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Typical examples of electrical/component failure can consist of your IT device not turning on, restarting on its own accord, messages stating HDD/hard drive not found and even the dreaded ‘Blue Screen of Death.’

*subject to parts availability

**HP business devices only

***Think products only

****Not available for Galaxy Tab products


Collect & Return

Ideally suited to mobile computers such as tablets & laptops, our Collect & Return warranty is a fast and efficient repair service designed to protect your device against electrical / component failure.

On Site Maintenance

Our On-Site warranty is designed at delivering both an instant response and rapid repair by providing both telephone diagnostics and dispatching a fully trained engineer to your location.

Upgrade My 1st Year Warranty

If you have business critical operations and need a faster service, our Onsite Upgrade is both a cost effective and ideal solution.


  • Accidental Damage Insurance
  • Physical Damage
  • Liquid Spills
  • Immersion
  • Fire Damage
  • Flood Damage
  • Accidental Damage + Theft Insurance
  • Physical Damage
  • Liquid Spills
  • Immersion
  • Fire Damage
  • Flood Damage
  • Loss through theft



Examples of Accidental Damage can be dropping your IT device on to a hard surface, such as a wooden or concrete floor, resulting in a cracked/smashed screen/case. Liquid damage can consist of either a drinks spillage or caught in the rain.

* Subject to policy terms and conditions.
** In the event of a theft claim, a crime reference number will be required.


Being backed by a household insurer allows Intec Microsystems to offer comprehensive levels of insurance, providing both worldwide cover and incorporating a no excess policy on all products.

Intec Microsystems offer 2 types of insurance: Accidental Damage and Accidental Damage + Theft. These are designed to protect your everyday IT devices against those everyday mishaps. Whether physical, liquid, fire or flood damage, and in some cases theft, Intec Microsystems insurance products have you protected.

With an easy claims process and fully trained and accredited service engineers, Intec Microsystems aim to have your IT device either repaired or replaced and returned to you within the shortest time possible.



Smash Crash & Splash is Intec Microsystems‘s extended warranty and insurance bundle designed at offering protection against both mechanical/component failure and accidental damage.

Intec Microsystems have combined the fast and efficient repair services of a Collect & Return warranty with the benefits of the Accidental Damage insurance to provide ‘peace of mind’ in the event of either electrical/component failure or physical damage suffered from an accident.

Whether you’re looking to protect a tablet, laptop or desktop computer, you can rest assured knowing your IT investment is in the right hands. Intec Microsystems only employ fully trained and accredited engineers, who will find the fault, repair your computer and return it to you in full working order. In the event your computer is deemed ‘beyond economical repair’ i.e. cost to repair is greater than the value of the computer, Intec Microsystems will provide a brand new replacement to the equivalent specification and original value.


Our dedicated team are here to provide the very best pre and post sales experience possible. If you have any requirements that you would like to discuss further please call us, email us or use our contact form and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.