IRDM by GOODRAM - Meet the new memory brand for pros and gamers

IRDM is a new brand of storage and memory from GOODRAM, which has been born from their critically acclaimed products used all around the world.

SSD Iridium Pro, the most popular GOODRAM branded SSD in 2017, helped to maintain a positive image of the Polish manufacturer, a manufacturer who is able to deliver high quality products at a very competitive price. After various awards, industry accolades and wins in sales rankings, this helped Wilk Elektronik to make the decision to spin off a separate brand and have IRDM join its line-up.

IRDM products are dedicated for anyone who’s in need of the highest performing and the most reliable products to fulfil their daily jobs or hobbies, without compromising on other features such as design or affordability. Potential customers include photographers, engineers, developers, filmmakers or extreme sports enthusiasts, gamers, e-sport players or modders. Despite all of these users reaching their targets in different ways, they all need exceptional tools in order to do it.

IRDM brand covers three different product groups:

  • SATA III solid state drives that deliver the best in class performance and reliability: IRDM GEN2 and critically acclaimed IRDM PRO. The SSD line-up is complemented by IRDM ULTIMATE M.2 SSD with PCIe gen 3 x4 interface and a fancy, in-house designed heatsink that dissipates the heat and improves the drive’s performance.
  • DDR4 memory modules with clock speeds up to 4000MHz, including both DIMM and SO-DIMM versions. All modules within the IRDM line-up are enclosed in stylish heatsinks available in various colour versions including limited camo edition.
  • One of the fastest memory SD and microSD memory cards in the world, dedicated for professional users, especially those who expect the highest level of reliability and performance.

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