Parallels RAS is Your New Horizon

Parallels RAS is Your New Horizon

Worried About The Uncertainty of VMware and the Future of Horizon VDI? Parallels RAS is your new Horizon.

The acquisition of VMware by Broadcom has stirred up a significant amount of uncertainty within the tech community. This uncertainty primarily stems from Broadcom’s historical approach to acquisitions, which has often led to negative outcomes for the acquired businesses. And now they have potentially done the same with VMware.

Recently, it was announced that Broadcom plans to sell VMware’s End User Compute (EUC) division to the highest bidder, and this is where their Horizon VDI solution sits. If you have customers using VMware Horizon, it will be concerning to hear that it’s now a wait to discover who the highest bidder will be, and what the future holds for VMware partners and customers.

VMware leadership has also sent termination notices to VMware partners that are making below $500K in annual VMware revenue. This will have significant impact on VMware customers, reducing the support received by partners and the channel alike. So it’s the best time to look for an alternative to VMware Horizon and there is no better, nor more cost effective, than Parallels RAS.

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What is Parallels RAS?

Parallels RAS - A flexible and refined app and desktop delivery solution

Parallels RAS is a flexible virtual application and desktop delivery solution that empowers organisations of all sizes to work securely from anywhere, on any device. The platform offers an agile, cloud-ready foundation and end-to-end security controlled by a centralised management console.
With Parallels RAS, you can leverage on-premises, hybrid, or public cloud deployments and integrate with existing technologies like Azure Virtual Desktop and Amazon EC2. With Parallels RAS, your organisation gains the flexibility, scalability, and IT agility to quickly adapt to changing business needs.
Perhaps best of all, Parallels RAS offers a single, full-featured licensing model that includes 24/7 support and access to free training!

Check out the full blog post from Parallels vs VMware Horizon here.


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Why Choose Parallels RAS?

Deploy core components where best suited. Mix and match workloads: hybrid, on-premises, private cloud, public cloud including Azure Virtual Desktop and AWS EC2.
User experience
Parallels RAS enables end users with the flexibility to work and collaborate in any remote environment while using their device of choice.
Empower users with a simple digital workspace. Just one console for administration. Straightforward deployment and management.
Enhanced security
Exceptional end-to-end security and compliance measures are built directly into the product code. This ensures confidence in deployment confidence, regardless of configuration.
Total Cost of Ownership
All-in-one solution, with fast and effective onboarding and deployment times. Includes 24/7 support, free technical training, and simple licensing, all of which combine to help reduce costs.

If you're concerned about future issues with VMware Horizon, please reach out to us today and we will help you discover the benefits of migrating to Parallels RAS.


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