Teltonika End of Life Update

Teltonika End of Life Update

As a result of the global component shortage, the following Teltonika Networks products are entering their product End of Life (EOL):

RUT240     RUT950     RUT955

This EOL announcement signifies that these products have entered the final phase of the Teltonika Networks product life cycle. There is still enough time for you to place your orders for these popular products up until 31.07.2023, and safe in the knowledge they're supported until 31.12.2025.

The EoL Timeline

What the Future Holds

Being flagship products of the Teltonika portfolio, we know many of you consider RUT240, RUT950, and RUT955 as your key players for your IoT solution connectivity needs. You may be wondering what the best future replacements for these devices are, and here are our roadmap recommendations:


RUT240 ➡️ RUT241 or RUT200
RUT950 ➡️ RUT951 or RUT901*
RUT955 ➡️ RUT956**


* RUT901 will become available in Q1 2023.
** RUT956 does not support microSD cards, unlike RUT955. If this change affects you, we encourage contacting our sales team to find the best replacement or solution for you.


For more information on EOL products and any other questions you may have, call us on 0121 783 4477 or email


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