iQuila Distributor Press Release

iQuila Distributor Press Release

First AI-powered SD-LAN set to transform remote working

The world’s first AI-powered SD-LAN solution has launched, providing a breakthrough in technology that allows the only connection across the Internet that is as secure, resilient, and robust as devices directly connected in the same room.

UK-based iQuila is a new software-based alternative to VPN and SD-WAN connections, providing a leap forward in the way business networks and remote workers connect.

iQuila has announced its partnership with Intec Microsystems as its exclusive UK distributor, making the new technology available to businesses and organisations across the world.

Using technology that even global giants Microsoft and Cisco do not have, it is the only solution that uses AI and a unique Layer 2 protocol to build secure business networks in minutes. iQuila provides the most resilient connection on the market, and the most secure and advanced approach for modern businesses to connect with remote devices.

David Sweet, CEO at iQuila, said: “Networking solutions like VPN and SD-WAN are becoming outdated. They can be unreliable and slow and cause bottlenecks. They are simply no longer suitable for modern businesses who, now more than ever, need to be able to rely on secure, fast and resilient connections with their colleagues, wherever they may be. We developed iQuila as an advanced way of networking that fits the way we need to work now and in the future, especially in light of the pandemic.

“Our software has so many applications, but it will be particularly important to businesses who want to improve remote working.

“Not only does it eliminate downtime caused by slow broadband or latency problems, it makes sure remote workers are working as securely as they would in the office itself.

“We secure the device itself, not just the connection, protecting that vulnerable end point even in unsecured wifi hotspots like cafes, where many workers may find themselves.

“It is a fundamental leap forward in securing and simplifying the remote working experience for IT departments and remote staff alike, and we are proud to be taking it to market with Intec.”

iQuila’s unique design ensures remote workers and other offices are the network, rather than being add-ons to the network. This allows the IT department to push other protocols or VLANs to remote users - including security patches, updates, new features and permissions - instantly and without any reliance on the end user or physical access to their device.

It provides the fastest real-time solution on the market with its unique ‘multi-bit splicing’ AI technology, which slices and repacks data to send it more efficiently down the fastest route.

Unlike VPN or SD-WAN, iQuila uses multiple TCP connections to send data for the most robust connection. This means that if one or more connections are lost, the remaining connections stay active ensuring there is no disruption to service. This enables a secure, fast and stable connection at all times, even during high-speed movement, such as travelling on trains and aircraft, or when dealing with poor broadband.

John Lester, Sales Director at Intec Microsystems, said: “iQuila is a really exciting new product at a time when there is huge demand for a simplified, more flexible solution to remote working. It can transform a business, improving productivity, flexibility and collaboration and reducing disruption and demand on IT resources. It is also quick and easy to deploy and can be active in minutes. It is the next generation for networking and remote working.”

iQuila is available in three products:

  • iQuila Cloud
  • iQuila Enterprise
  • iQuila Integration


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