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For decades, NetAlly and their family of innovative network test solutions have been helping engineers and technicians better deploy, manage, maintain, and secure today’s complex wired and wireless networks. For more than 25 years, NetAlly has been the number 1 ally of network and security professionals worldwide. They began by making the world’s first handheld network analyser – the LANMeter® – and have continued as industry pacesetters ever since, first as a business unit of Fluke Networks Inc. then part of NETSCOUT Systems, Inc . Now, as an independent, NetAlly continues to set the standard for portable network testing and assessment. Their best-in-class tools deliver the visibility needed to get the job done, fast.


Simplifying the complexities of network testing.


Providing instant visibility for efficient problem solving.


Enabling seamless collaboration between site personnel and remote experts.

From the smallest companies to the Fortune 100 and across a range of industries, network professionals around the world rely on NetAlly tools to plan, deploy, validate, and troubleshoot wired and wireless access networks and the devices that connect to them.

Whether you are a network manager, engineer, technician or admin, or a field service installer/system integrator, you can rely NetAlly testing tools to give you the visibility you need to get your job done, fast.

Wired Solutions

Ethernet and Cable Testing Tools: The Guardians of Network Integrity

Wireless Solutions

Wi-Fi Network Testing: For Evaluating, Deploying, and Maintaining Wireless Networks

Cyber Security

Vulnerability Scanners: Strengthen Your Edge Network Defences

Wired Solutions - Ethernet and Cable Testing Tools: The Guardians of Network Integrity

These tools, and the technologists who use them, play an important role in maintaining, optimising, and troubleshooting network systems to ensure seamless connectivity and performance.

What Do Ethernet Testers Do?

Ethernet testers are more than just tools; they are the guardians of network integrity. These devices play a critical role in ensuring network health by:

  • Validating changes: Confirming network and link configurations ensuring that moves, adds, and changes are performed correctly reduces callbacks.
  • Verifying network performance: Ensuring that your network meets your requirements for speed and reliability.
  • Diagnosing issues: Quickly identifying and resolving connectivity and performance problems to minimise downtime and maximise user productivity.
  • Ensuring compliance: Making sure that your network adheres to industry standards and regulatory requirements.

NetAlly’s Wired Ethernet Testing Tools

NetAlly offers a range of ethernet and cable testing tools tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern networks and the teams that support them. From portable devices for field technicians to advanced systems for in-depth network analysis, our solutions are designed to simplify the complexities of network testing.

Wired testing solutions include:

  • LinkRunner® AT 3000 – Network & Cable Tester Connectivity Tester
    Quickly verify and troubleshoot network links. Ideal for fast, automated testing. Explore LinkRunner AT 3000.
  • LinkRunner® AT 4000 – Smart Network & Tester
    Comprehensive diagnostics and troubleshooting features, enhancing network visibility and operational efficiency. Discover LinkRunner AT 4000.
  • LinkRunner® 10G – Advanced Multigigabit/10G Cable & Network Tester
    Validates and configures copper and fiber Multi-Gig and 10 Gig networks, ensuring high-speed connectivity. Learn more about LinkRunner 10G.
  • EtherScope® nXG – Ethernet Network Tester & WiFi Diagnostics Tool
    Offers comprehensive diagnostics for Multi-Gig and 10 Gig Ethernet and WiFi networks, including WiFi 6/6E. Find out more about EtherScope nXG.
  • LinkSprinter® – Pocket Network Tester
    Delivers essential network connectivity tests in seconds, perfect for quick diagnostics and validation of link configuration. View LinkSprinter.
  • Test Accessory – Pocket iPerf Testing Tool
    Validates network performance, ensuring efficient throughput and connectivity. Explore the Test Accessory.

To explore the differences between NetAlly wired testing solutions, please visit the comparison guide.

Wireless Solutions - Wi-Fi Network Testing: For Evaluating, Deploying, and Maintaining Wireless Networks

Our range of wireless network testers are designed for network engineers seeking advanced solutions for evaluating, deploying, and maintaining wireless networks. NetAlly offers WiFi network testing and survey solutions to assist network professionals in efficiently designing and implementing 802.11 and Bluetooth/BLE wireless LANs. These solutions aim to ensure peak performance, security, and adherence to compliance standards. The AirMapper™ Ecosystem, a suite of innovative tools developed by NetAlly, significantly enhances the efficiency of network-related tasks. From the initial planning and deployment phases to validation, ongoing troubleshooting, and network optimisation, these tools streamline and simplify the processes, facilitating a more effective management of wireless networks.

What Do Wireless Network Testers Do?

Wireless network testers are essential tools for network engineers to ensure optimal network performance and security. NetAlly offers a comprehensive suite of solutions featuring:

  • Testing Network Performance: Measure and manage the performance of your network with advanced diagnostic capabilities.
  • WLAN Lifecycle Management: Covering everything from initial planning to post-deployment, these tools ensure your WLAN operates with maximum efficiency throughout its entire lifecycle.
  • WiFi and BLE Connectivity & Coverage Analysis: Facilitate thorough examination and optimisation of WiFi networks as well as Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy (BT/BLE) environments to enhance device connectivity.

NetAlly’s Wireless Testing Tools

NetAlly’s Wireless Testing Tools offer a range of capabilities for evaluating and troubleshooting WiFi 6/6E and Bluetooth/BLE networks. These tools are designed to assist in deploying networks, conducting site surveys, and identifying issues, ensuring effective wireless network performance and security.

  • EtherScope® nXG: Ethernet Network Tester & WiFi Diagnostics Tool: A comprehensive tool for testing and diagnosing WiFi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth/BLE networks. Discover EtherScope nXG..
  • CyberScope®: Edge Network Vulnerability Scanner. Discover, validate, and assess cybersecurity at the network edge, wired and wireless. View CyberScope.
  • CyberScope® Air: Handheld vulnerability scanner for WLAN cybersecurity AND wireless testing, troubleshooting and surveying. Discover CyberScope Air.
  • AirCheck™ G3 Pro: WiFi 6 Wireless Tester: Simplifies WiFi 6/6E and Bluetooth/BLE network testing and troubleshooting. Find out more about AirCheck G3 Pro.
  • AirMapper™ Site Survey: Wireless Network Mapping App: Creates performance heat maps for WiFi 6/6E networks, enhancing WLAN validation. View AirMapper Site Survey.

To explore the differences between our wireless testing solutions, please visit the comparison page.

Cyber Security - Vulnerability Scanners: Strengthen Your Edge Network Defences

Staying ahead of potential security threats through proactive risk assessment is critical to maintaining a secure network. The dynamic network perimeter, with numerous users accessing resources, frequent network updates, and ongoing device changes is notoriously difficult to manage — with potential security threats everywhere. That’s why having the right network vulnerability scanner is so important, one with an emphasis on advanced WiFi vulnerability scanning capabilities. NetAlly CyberScope® vulnerability scanners have all the capabilities you need, making them the perfect tool to help in this challenging area of the network. With CyberScope, you can easily manage your edge network security via comprehensive, simple to perform vulnerability assessments in a single, powerful, portable tool.

What Is Vulnerability Scanning and Why Is It Useful?

Vulnerability scanning is a key step in finding and evaluating potential security threats at the network perimeter. CyberScope offers numerous capabilities including automated testing and discovery with integrated Nmap vulnerability scanning. It also validates controls at the edge by certifying segmentation and access control, which is crucial to protecting against lateral movement while verifying secure baseline configurations and quickly identifying deviations should they occur.

In short, network vulnerability scanners like CyberScope can be a crucial aspect of improving an organisation’s cybersecurity posture. By performing ongoing testing and discovery of the edge network, the never-ending list of new security threats can be proactively detected and eliminated. Only CyberScope can deliver all the required capabilities in an easy-to-use handheld tool, filling the visibility gaps left by other network security tools.

Edge Network Vulnerability Scanner: CyberScope

The CyberScope is a comprehensive tool designed for active and passive vulnerability scanning in edge network environments. It’s capable of inventorying a wide range of devices, including headless IoT and other unmanaged devices while supporting wired and wireless connectivity. It allows for easy validation of controls at the perimeter, while also facilitating quick tests to demonstrate policy compliance. Tight integration with Link-Live™ makes it easy to collaborate, share, and generate reports for use in configuration audits and for vulnerability assessment evidence.

WiFi Vulnerability Scanner & Tester: CyberScope Air

CyberScope Air specialises in WiFi vulnerability scanning including WiFi and BT/BLE, allowing users to discover, validate, and monitor the security of wireless networks. Finding rogue devices is easy. In addition to being an exceptional WiFi vulnerability scanner, it also contains all the wireless testing, troubleshooting, and surveying features present in the AirCheckTM G3 Pro. CyberScope Air is an essential all-in-one tool for eliminating security threats from the wireless network edge, while also maintaining peak WiFi performance and availability.


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