The Next Generation of Connectivity

The world’s first AI Embedded SD-LAN in the Cloud

iQuila is a cutting-edge, software-based alternative, to traditional complex VPNs which take hours or days to configure. iQuila does not require any expensive hardware and your IT department can build and deploy secure virtual networks in minutes. Save time, reduce costs and deliver a better solution!

Don’t become an office network add-on using Legacy VPN and SD-WAN solutions, use iQuila Cloud and bring the office network direct to your client’s home office.

iQuila Cloud - What is it and how does it work?

Reasons to use iQuila SD-LAN Cloud service

  • Reduce support costs of legacy VPN technology by up to 95%
  • Simple to deploy, takes only minutes not hours
  • Subscription service, no contract no risk
  • Fully secure using the latest encryption
  • Secure Internet Browsing with MitM Prevention
  • Pre Windows Active Directory login for endpoint security
  • Integrates into AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and many more
  • Full Layer 2 Support, pass any VLAN from office to office
  • Increase revenue from existing customer base and reduce support costs
  • Join thousands of others already using the iQuila Cloud
  • Connection speed of up to 1Gbps using iQuila protocol (VEN)

The iQuila Story

David Sweet - iQuila Ltd CEO/CTO

Although a start-up organization, the concept of iQuila was born from years of frustration within the Managed Services and IT support sector.

With over 25 years experience in IT, the directors of iQuila ran a successful MSP and recognized connectivity issues as a recurring issue that accounted for a significant portion of support tickets and engineering resource allocation. After over 2 years of development, iQuila was launched as a premium connectivity solution to address these points.

David Sweet, CEO, and CTO of iQuila VEN says:

"iQuila was designed to deliver enhanced levels of network connectivity, that is easy to deploy and offers complete security to typically vulnerable endpoints. However, what started out initially as an alternative to VPN and SD-WAN, has developed into what we consider to be the next generation in connectivity. With iQuila any type of device with an IP address can be secured and controlled as if it was plugged into a head office network, regardless of where it is, anywhere in the world. All that is required is an internet connection."

Cloud VS Enterprise

iQuila Cloud is an “always on” secure overlay Layer 2 network that leverages AI, network virtualization, Cloud, and SDN technologies. iQuila Cloud also offers you the ability to link entire networks using Layer 2 via the Cloud, negating the need for VPN and expensive, complicated and restrictive MPLS lines. With simple monthly pay as you go billing. iQuila Enterprise builds on the Cloud solution, additionally offering you Dual layer SSL Security, also run your own Enterprise solution without any cloud connectivity required, and many other features.

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The iQuila Solution

iQuila enables you to create secure, optimised cloud networks in minutes, add people and devices instantly, and deploy network services on demand. iQuila is a provider of cloud-based networking services that deliver an entirely new way to build and manage networks, adding numerous high-availability and resilient features not available with cloud deployments and traditional networks.

iQuila adds innovative, cost-effective, yet easy-to-manage security features to each customer’s existing computing infrastructure. We work with security solutions, such as standard access controls and permissions, that companies already have in place.

It is important to note that the iQuila Cloud Network Engine never stores packets. Data transits through our platform, and resources are dynamically allocated prior to (or during) the transaction for optimal performance and resiliency. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used to secure the traffic, and no passwords or IDs are delivered as clear text. Moreover, customer networks are fully isolated from one another.

IT departments need to act quickly to allow users or workgroups access to servers or enable ad hoc remote teams to collaborate on issues but, IT workloads often prevent effective reaction time.

The iQuila Cloud Network Engine offers rapid deployment to enable private networks where IT resources are at a premium. It offers unique resilience, high availability, and redundancy features. iQuila can reduce costs while enabling companies to see lasting benefits such as increased uptime, reliability, flexibility, and effective collaboration.

iQuila augments company security with the latest technology that is non-disruptive, works with security measures already in place, and best of all is easy to manage. With iQuila, customers get the best of both worlds with the cost-savings of cloud services with the best security possible.

Intec Micros has been appointed to supply their full range of solutions to Value Added Resellers (VARs), Independent Retailers, E-tailers and Service Providers.

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Global innovators in the field of nutritional supplements.

Edenstone Homes

Building high quality homes in South Wales and the South West of England.


Penlon is a world-class British medical device company, established in 1943.

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Award-winning IT support provider in London that protects Your Business Data.

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