VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) have been around for many years, and any organisation that has a distributed workforce knows that a VPN offers you the opportunity to provide your employees access to a secure end-to-end encrypted connection to resources on your company network. The uptake of VPNs within organisations over the years has been increasing, and it’s no surprise. Security doesn’t have to come with big financial investment, nor does it have to be a long and complicated process, that is why VPNs are used.

In business, we see wide adoption of site-to-site VPNs that create a single virtual network that is shared across multiple office locations, each of which can have multiple individual users. The key here is that the premise of VPNs give you remote access into your corporate network from anywhere, encrypt your traffic to protect your data and are overall, cost effective. So hooray for VPNs, or so you may think!


Don’t get us wrong, we like VPNs, but there is a time and a place for them. They solve a fundamental problem and take away a pain point. But imagine VPNs to be like a pain in the neck. Sure, you can take a painkiller from time to time and it helps, but if you keep getting a pain in the neck you need to find out the reasons why and find a solution once and for all so you don't have the same problem. The problems with relying on a VPN are:

  • A VPN may decrease your connection speed
  • You risk being blocked by certain services
  • A VPN isn’t legal in all countries
  • It’s difficult for users to check the quality of encryption
  • VPNs do not always hide your personal data - logging and potential resale of your internet habits to third parties can still happen
  • You may experience connection breaks causing downtime and inconvenience
  • An unwarranted sense of online impunity
  • Free VPNs are sometimes worse than none at all

Solve your VPN Problems by choosing iQuila Cloud. Only £6 per user Per Month*.


Attacks on VPNs has increased dramatically since the start of the pandemic. Cyber criminals scan the Internet looking for unpatched, vulnerable VPNs, knowing more companies have employed them to deal with remote working challenges. So, how do you protect your business when you don’t have full control over your remote devices? It’s simple. You get the only connection that gives you full control of all remote devices – iQuila.

iQuila’s unique design ensures that remote workers are the network, not add-ons to the network. This crucial feature allows the IT department to push protocols, including security patches, software updates and permissions to remote devices instantly, without any reliance on the end user or physical access to their device. They regain full control of all devices used to access the network.

It is a fundamental leap forward in securing and simplifying remote working, giving organisations the peace-of-mind that every remote device has the same level of security as devices physically connected on the main site.

Solve your VPN Problems by choosing iQuila Cloud. Only £6 per user Per Month*.


For just £6 per user per month with no contract, iQuila Cloud is the future of networking. Combining speed, security, availability, and resilience. Built with the unique VEN (Virtual Extended Network) protocol at its core, iQuila Cloud combines features such as Always-On, military-grade network encryption, multi-channel transmission, AI, clustering and adjacent node connectivity to give the most secure and dependable connectivity solution available. The truest form of secure, reliable and cost effective replacement to traditional VPN.

What this means for business is that iQuila can provide organisations with operational capacity to remote branch locations or workers, whilst still achieving the required security standards and highest levels of protection to any and every asset within its Global network.

iQuila is cloud native and requires no hardware or costly infrastructure overhaul however unlike other cloud-based solutions (ZTNA) iQuila virtualizes the entire network stack. This allows delivery of full Layer 2 connections across your entire Wide Area Network, achieving lightning-fast connection speeds and complete control and governance across all sub-networks. iQuila Cloud is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform and is a simple to deploy, subscription solution for site-to-site and hybrid cloud connectivity to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and more.

Solve your VPN Problems by choosing iQuila Cloud. Only £6 per user Per Month*.

*£6 per user per month. End user RRP.


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