ASUS ExpertBook For Work

Today’s fast-paced world means work tools must break free. That’s why ASUS ExpertBook laptops are the best laptops for take-anywhere mobility, crafted for lightness, engineered to deliver next-gen power and made with military-grade toughness.

ASUS vs The Competition

ASUS ExpertBook Extreme toughness for business

ASUS ExpertBook laptops are created from the ground up to provide the quality and resilience demanded by professionals and enterprise. Durability is the watchword for ASUS in creating devices that exceed expectations in any environment. ASUS subjected ExpertBook laptops to a barrage of grueling tests designed to push them to their physical limits, including drop, twist, hinge, keyboard and panel-resistance. ASUS do all of this to prove that your ExpertBook is built to last and ready for any task — so you can concentrate on getting the job done, no matter the conditions.


Extremes of temperature, altitude and humidity can be bad news for a laptop, so every ExpertBook goes through a series of tough climatic tests to make sure they can survive in harsh environments, whether they're turned on or off. ASUS bake them in desert-like heat, freeze them down to super-chilly temperatures, subject them to steamy humidity and check if they can survive at dizzying altitude – so they’re fit to work wherever you might travel.


With ExpertBook, ASUS testing goes further than reliability and durability. The ASUS Golden Ear team designs and fine-tunes all ExpertBook audio systems for the best possible sound and communications experiences. In the ASUS ISO-7779-compliant acoustics facility, engineers perform extensive testing and tuning to minimise the noise from fans and other components. ASUS also employ a tailored mix of superior hardware and smart-amplifier technology to deliver louder sound with minimal distortion. Engineers then test the real-world effectiveness of Windows Cortana, subjecting ExpertBook to a comprehensive microphone test to ensure that the voice assistant receives commands clearly — even in noisy environments.

Stress-Tested to Perfection

ASUS ensures that every component of your ExpertBook laptop delivers long and reliable service, no matter how tough the going gets. They pound the keyboard with up to 10-million keystrokes, test the hinges with up to 20,000 open-and-close cycles, subject the chassis to 50,000 twisting tests to mimic those one-handed dashes to the meeting room, and ensure the touchscreen has a precise and consistent response. ASUS also connect and disconnect the I/O ports 5,000 times for endurance, and check that performance isn’t affected by cable quality. Finally, ASUS pressure-test the display using up to 30 kg of force on the lid and the underside of the chassis. Only if it survives all these is a laptop deemed worthy of the ASUS badge.


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